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Our passion is the conceptual and visual design of business communication. We have initiated the SUCCESS formula of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®), a community driven set of design rules for successful reports and presentations.


Operating as the IBCS Institute, we give lectures and training courses, grant certificates, and provide educational material in an online shop. Our Certified Consultants provide consulting, implementation, and on-site support. 


Read more on how to achieve IBCS® compliance with the comprehensive rules of SUCCESS.  

Learn more about the SUCCESS concept and the IBCS® standards on our seminars, courses, and conferences. More...


Get our IBCS WITH SUCCESS poster explaining the rules with 98 before-and-after pictures. More…

   Get yourself, your consultants or your software HICHERT®IBCS certified.


IBCS compliant templates for charts and tables are used for the certification of BI tools.


  This manual (pdf and ppt) is the perfect base for a company-wide visualization concept for reports, dashboards, and presentations. More…

The SUCCESS rules were compiled by Rolf Hichert. Read more under YouTube and Featured Articles.  

Take a look at our before-and-after examples and you will understand the concept. More...