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HICHERT+PARTNER offer many different types of certification. Focus, on one hand, is on the certification of consultants, who are looking to be in a position to demonstrate their skills in applying the SUCCESS Rules and implementing the IBCS standards and, on the other hand, on the certification of a software's ability to create IBCS compliant charts and tables. Moreover, consulting companiestrainers and special applications, such as external business reports or internal monthly reports, are certified as well. More on the objectives and general rules for certification.


Certified Consultant - the short term for HICHERT®IBCS CERTIFIED CONSULTANT (HCC) – is a consultant with many years’ experience in controlling or business intelligence projects, who has attended one of the 4-day courses on the SUCCESS rules and the IBCS standards for the design of reports and presentations at HICHERT+PARTNER. More...


Here an overview of our

certification courses:

HCC1 from 2010-07

HCC2 from 2010-10

HCC3 from 2011-05

HCC4 from 2011-10

HCC5 from 2012-04

HCC6 from 2012-10

HCC7 from 2013-04

HCC8 from 2013-10 (en)

HCC9 from 2013-10

HCC10 from 2014-04

HCC11 from 2014-09 (en)

HCC12 from 2014-11

Here an overview of our

recertification events:

HCC-R1 from 2011-10

HCC-R2 from 2012-09

HCC-R3 form 2013-06

HCC-R4 from 2014-06



You will find details on the conditions associated with certifications here.


Certified Trainer – the short term for HICHERT®IBCS CERTIFIED TRAINER (HCT). This refers to trainers and consultants who have worked for several years in the controlling and business intelligence segments. They have worked together with H+P for a long period of time, during which they have held a sufficient number of SUCCESS seminars and workshops, either together or in close collaboration. This ensures that the contents are conveyed in a uniform and consistent level of quality. SUCCESS seminars open to the public may only be offered and held by certified trainers. More...

Certified Provider – the short term for HICHERT®IBCS CERTIFIED PROVIDER (HCP). This refers to consulting and software companies or their respective divisions, which are able to implement the SUCCESS Rules and the HICHERT®IBCS notation standards in practical projects and which have the technology to implement the software. In general, this concerns to companies with a range of services in the Business Intelligence field, which create tailor-made customer solutions using standard software products. More...

Certified Software – HCS is the short term for HICHERT®IBCS CERTIFIED SOFTWARE. It refers to standard software systems that can be used to create IBCS compliant charts and tables. This certification replaces the seal HICHERT+PARTNER CERTIFIED SOFTWARE, which was only valid until Dezember 31, 2013. More... 

Certified Application – the short term for HICHERT®IBCS CERTIFIED APPLICATION (HCA). This pertains to practical reports or presentations, which take the IBCS into account. On request, H+P provides interested persons with the corresponding testing and certification.