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Successful communication is based on binding rules. This applies, above all, to business communication. Creativity and randomness are not what is needed either in verbal expression or in visual design. Instead, this is a matter of clear messages, systematic standardization, and reduction to the essential. HICHERT®SUCCESS is a set of rules for conceptual and visual design of successful business communication compliant with the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).


We recommend the following seven primary rules of written business communication (e. g. reports, statistics) and verbal business communication (e. g. presentations, lectures):


SAY: Convey a message

Do you have something to report? Often reports are merely a collection of data with no discernible message for the audience. This is also the case for most presentations. More...



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UNIFY: Apply semantic notation 

Things which are the same should look the same and things that are different should not look the same. Unambiguous design rules facilitate production and comprehension. More...

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CONDENSE: Increase information density

A high level of information density makes it possible to display complex facts. Only an overview of the entire picture permits correct evaluation of detailed information. More...

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CHECK: Ensure visual integrity
The recipients of a report expect the data in it to be accurate. But are the correct data also presented accurately? Manipulated charts are a matter of fact in business communication. More...

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EXPRESS: Choose proper visualization

Good visualization starts with the selection of those diagrams and tables, which convey the desired message along with the underlying facts as quickly as possible. More...


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SIMPLIFY: Avoid clutter

SIMPLIFY facilitates the readability of charts and tables. Eliminating 'Noise' and 'Redundancy' frees objects in a report from avoidable background noise. More...

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STRUCTURE: Organize content
Reports and presentations have, in many cases, no logical structure. When things overlap and are incomplete, they make it hard to understand business communication. More...


HICHERT®SUCCESS and IBCS® are registered trademarks. More...